Since much of the site is pretty outdated a complete update is needed (new design, new content, new cms). The relaunch was initially planned for the 10th anniversary of (31 July, 2019) but had to be delayed. As you know this whole site is non-commercial and as such the allocated time for it is limited to my free time. In the last few months the available free time to work on the site was very little (also the energy). With these limitations things just take a bit longer than initially thought. As such I can't give a definitive date for the relaunch at this time. However as soon as the technical stuff is sorted out and I feel comfortable with both the design and content (amount and quality) the site will be relaunched. I think late 2019/early 2020 is possible. In order to launch sooner i decided that not all content will be available on day one and thus will be published step by step afterwards. Thanks for reading and I hope you understand.

About offers info about game development related stuff and video games since 2009. The site is non commercial (there are no ads, no affiliate links or any other sources of income). The PixelProspector can be contacted via this mail adress


A proper archived version of the old site is currently in the works. (it will probably be available at In the meantime you can access the old archived site via